Ventro is now an exclusive installer for Fireco’s Dorgard Pro

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Ventro is now an exclusive installer for Fireco’s Dorgard Pro

We are really excited to announce that Ventro is now an exclusive installer for Fireco’s Dorgard Pro.

The Dorgard Pro is an inventive, safe solution to having your fire doors wedged open without breaking the law. There are around 30 million fire doors that are fitted each year in the UK with three million more that are fitted each year. So you can imagine how many doors are being wedged open especially with the lovely weather we have had lately, however, this is a violation of Fire Safety practices and is against the law.

By having a Dorgard Pro installed on doors in your property, you are able to have doors wedged open without compromising the fire safety of occupants. This product is ideal for care homes, restaurants, hospitals, and pretty much any busy environment where doors are heavily used on a daily basis.

So how does the Dorgard Pro work?

The Dorgard Pro is a fire door retainer which is designed to hold doors open legally. The reason that having a Dorgard Pro makes your wedged open fire door legal, is that the door automatically closes on the sound of a fire alarm which means the buildings fire safety is not compromised.

This video will explain more features and benefits of Dorgard Pro by Fireco.

With the Dorgard Pro you get a 5-year warranty, they can be fitted to heavy doors, they still work in noisy environments, they have a 5-year battery life, they are carpet friendly and the device transmits the status of the installed unit for you so that you know which ones are active.

We are an exclusive installer but what does that actually mean to you?

As Ventro is an exclusive installer, it means that we have been adequately trained to carry out the installations properly. We are also third-party accredited to carry out fire door inspections as part of the FDIS (Fire Door Installer Scheme), as well as having the BM Trada Fire Door Installer certification. So you know that Ventro will have your fire safety as number one priority when carrying out the installation of your Dorgard Pro.

We are based in the South West, but we also have offices located in London, Manchester, and Nottingham, so we are a great choice of installer due to being able to reach clients all over the UK.

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