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Ventro has now moved Head Office!

November 3, 2017 by in Uncategorized

Over the past few weeks, you have probably heard down the grapevine that Ventro have, or were moving to larger premises. This is in fact true. We have officially moved to a new Head Office in Estover.

This business move was essential for the company has been expanding on such vast levels. We have grown by thirteen members of staff within the last six months. This includes a Project Management Apprentice, our second apprentice who was taken on a few days before we moved offices.

The inside of our office has been a prominent feature. The aim was to really push our brand to the forefront of our customer’s minds. With our vivid blue and grey branding, we have matched the floors, walls, and furniture so that everything is on brand and representing Ventro. From seeing how much the building has developed over time, it is amazing to see the ideas come to life.

We have worked with some fantastic companies over the past few months to make this new premises a reality. So stay tuned as we will be doing a separate news piece on who was involved in making the new office such a success.

The building went from this…

To this…

Modern features to make working lives better

As well as the interior of our office, we have implemented new features in the office with the sole aim to improve working efficiency and enhance the lives of Ventro employees.

Our new office is situated in an idyllic spot surrounded by grass and views of Dartmoor National Park, not to mention the beautiful deer’s which are seen around the office in the mornings. With a brand-new lunch room, our team can escape from their desks and enjoy catching up with colleagues or even going for short walks around the area to get some fresh air.


There is so much more available. Ventro will be getting involved with new health schemes such as the Cycle to work scheme and implementing recycling schemes to reduce office waste.

More space, increased opportunity

With a larger space, comes more room to expand and take on new members of staff. One of the newest features is our hotbox desks. Every member of the team is given a hotbox which allows them to sit anywhere they want when they are in the office. They come in a variety of colours. We all have the branded Ventro grey which fits in with the décor to a T.

We have a lot of different departments within the Ventro team, all of whom work together very closely. This hotbox system allows our team to move around the office and departments with ease.

The idea of a hotbox desk storage system is that they fit all your belongings inside, including your laptop and charger, for you to pack up at the end of the day and pick somewhere new to sit tomorrow. At the end of the day, we have locker storage for everyone to put their hotbox in to save carrying it around.


Along with our hotbox desking, we have new meeting pods which are a private meeting area for teams to discuss ideas in their own space. They are as comfy as your lounge sofa at home and can fit up to four members of the team at once.


Our brand-new conference room has already been used for training days and companywide meetings.



New office, new ideas

We have a lot of great ideas for the future such as our new breakfast meetings and passive fire safety seminars, not to mention the copious amounts of charity events we can hold such as BBQ’s in the summer.

Our first event was kicked off with a visit from Plymouth MP Johnny Mercer whose presence was a fantastic support to the re-launch of our apprentice scheme which has already been a great success. Our first ever apprentice Jake was offered full-time employment following the successful completion of his apprenticeship through Skills Group in Plymouth.

You can read all about the visit in our news section, next week.

For further information about our company, call us today on 0845 38 10 999, or email us at

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