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Managing Director


Harvey looks after the strategy and direction of business. He works with the team on a daily basis to deliver consistent growth and excellent service to Ventro’s clients.



Ross has had extensive experience working with a raft of organisations across the housing sector to deliver fire safety projects.  He is responsible for working with our team of highly dedicated consultants making sure that we deliver for our highly discerning portfolio of clients, as well as networking with and introducing our services to new organisations across the UK.

Technical Director


Howard works with clients and Ventro’s internal team. This ensures that they are supported with technical enquiries and Ventro’s coveted standards are met.

Group Financial Controller


Jason is the Group Financial Controller and manages all financial and HR activities across the group. Prior to joining Ventro, Jason had a long an successful accounting career working with some of the world leading Advertising and Design agencies. Being part of the Senior Management Team, Jason utilises his wealth of experience by developing successful financial strategies and reporting systems, gives direction to the strategic policy and helps plan operational activities of the business.

Jason balances his charm and wit with strategic focus to ensure Ventro continues to deliver great results.

Healthcheck Manager


Jake is a Healthcheck Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Passive Fire Industry. Jake is skilled in Negotiation, Operations Management and Project Management.

Regional Projects Manager


Based in the Plymouth headoffice, Bradley brings a wealth of experience in delivering long-term fire safety improvement programmes in the UK social housing sector.  He has over 14 years of experience in the construction industry with a particular expertise in doors and ironmongery.  Working with clients predominantly in the South Wrest from the start of the project, Bradley aligns client expectations with business goals, and motivates resources to deliver seamless project management.

Bradley continues to implement his insightful creativity and innovation in various departments throughout the organisation to drive the company’s tactical and process-driven initiatives.

Credit Control


Jackie is the Company Credit Controller and is responsible for managing the debts of the business. Jackie’s duties are varied and include managing the debts of creditors, ensuring timely payments are made, processing incoming funds, reconciling invoices, resolving account queries and managing debt recovery and running financial reports. This critical role helps reduce bad debts and improve the cash flow in the business.

Jackie has over 30 years experience in the Credit Control field.


Daniel is a Passive Fire Consultant positioned at the forefront of client relations, partnering with; registered providers, local authorities and higher-education organisations in adopting the ‘three step approach’. With a focus on the East Midlands & London, Daniel networks at an asset management and procurement level, consulting through networking platforms adopting; best practise through strategic advice, by incorporating knowledge from; focus groups, forums and frameworks.



Jordan is involved in preparing, structuring and formatting written proposal content and in doing so, plays a part in conveying and articulating our value proposition to our clients – highlighting how we can address their needs.  He works with other bid team members in the Commercial Team to develop a proposal structure and produce written bid responses and presentation collateral in line with deadlines, ensuring a cohesive and consistent approach throughout


Active Fire Consultant


With over 15 years of personal experience in the fire industry, strengths in specifying, reviewing standards and co-ordinating between the client, technicians, contractors and consultants, Nigel provides technical support and project delivery throughout the company to enable us to specify, install and maintain systems that safeguard both people and property




Finance Assistant





Matt carries out surveys of many different property’s working under document B and other documentation regarding Passive fire safety, fire doors, and compartmentation. Matt has a wealth of Health and Safety knowledge and qualifications and strives to help people understand the importance of good fire safety.



Danielle assists in the marketing activity throughout the Aquilam Group Creating promotional material, Measuring and reporting on the performance of marketing campaigns whilst gaining insight and assessing against goals.

Marketing Executive


Alex is the marketing executive for the Aquilam Group and is responsible for developing the overall marketing strategy, coordinating marketing campaigns and creating promotional material to drive business.

OmniZone General Manager


Nicki has over 9 years experience of working in the fire industry and is dedicated to providing first class customer service .

With her focus on delivering satisfaction Nicki works to successfully represent and meet customer goals and objectives .

Committed to compliance , Nicki works closely with her customers creating long term relationships and giving them total peace of mind .

Commercial Manager


Eddie maintains both Main and Sub-Contract terms and looks after budgeting and reporting across all live projects to ensure all they remain commercially sound.

Active Fire Consultant


Passive Fire Consultant


As a Passive Fire Consultant based from the Nottingham Office, Toby networks with those responsible for Passive Fire Compliance across the sector.  With a concentration on the West Midlands & Wales, Toby is focused on identifying the best solutions for those we are working with.  Providing consultancy, built through sector wide knowledge and access to leading best practices around Fire Safety, rectifying fundamental flaws by taking a holistic approach to Passive Fire Safety and giving our clients the needed assurance.

Sub-Contractor Manager & Operations Assistant


Alison works within the Operations Department and supports projects with operational requirements, such as relevant documentation and liaising with tenants to schedule fire check appointments.     She also manages the on-boarding of new sub-contractors, ensuring their training and certification is fully up to date and consequently providing resources on site for fire safety work.   Alison has over 15 years’ experience coordinating projects along with customer service.


Royal Exchange Old Bank, St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7PE, UK

  • +44 16 864 473


Royal Exchange Old Bank, St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7PE, UK

  • +44 16 864 473


Royal Exchange Old Bank, St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7PE, UK

  • +44 16 864 473


Royal Exchange Old Bank, St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7PE, UK

  • +44 16 864 473


Royal Exchange Old Bank, St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7PE, UK

  • +44 16 864 473


Royal Exchange Old Bank, St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7PE, UK

  • +44 16 864 473

Main office location

  • St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7PE, UK
  • +44 16 864 473
  • +44 16 864 473
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