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Fire Doors

We are experts when it comes to Fire Doors. They’re much more than just a door; they are an engineered life-saving device.

Fire Compartmentation

Fire Compartmentation is the strategy required to prevent the spread of fire by subdividing buildings into a number of compartments.

Fire Rated Cladding

Fire Rated Cladding will prevent your building from setting alight and spreading on the outside. Without it, your building is a giant fire conductor.

Fire Dampers

Fire Dampers are a key component in compartmentation and to stop smoke and fire from spreading. 

Smoke Ventilation

At Ventro we design and install automatic opening vents from conducting CFD Analysis through to complete end to end management. 

Fire Alarms

We can provide a maintenance service to ensure you fill your responsibilities and stay compliant, a fire alarm is an essential investment in any property. 

Emergency Lighting

In accordance with building regulations and legislation you are required to provide emergency lighting to facilitate escape in the event of fire or power failure.

Fire Extinguishers

To limit damage to your property in the event of a fire , fire extinguishers offer instant protection to your premise. Annual maintenance ensures that extinguishers can be relied upon in the event of an emergency.


To ensure your sprinkler system will operate correctly at all times it is a requirement of the British Standard that it is maintained and subject to an annual service. 

Dry and Wet Risers

Dry risers are installed in buildings usually over 18 metres where the fire brigade have restricted access to water. These systems should be maintained annually to ensure this water will deliver when needed.

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