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“Rhubarb Farm Changes Lives”

Rhubarb Farm, Langwith, discovered it was to receive the 17-seater minibus at EEM’s fifth annual Building Communities Awards. The event saw £22,000 handed over to Prostate Cancer UK, as well as £12,000 for Rhubarb Farm, two charities that we are particularly proud to support.

“We were expecting to receive a cheque for about £10,000 from monies raised by EEM members. Instead, to our total amazement, Rhubarb Farm was given a brand new 17-seater minibus worth £26,700.”

“We just do not know how to thank EEM and all 25 companies, local authorities and housing associations (their members) whom they procure materials for. Incredible. It restores our faith in human nature”

Angela and Jennie, Rhubarb Farm

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