Resident engagement

Resident engagement is at the heart of successful delivery of safer homes and buildings. Providing personal and interactive assurance and end user choice is something we take very seriously, viewing all stakeholders as part of our team. Our in-house liaison team ensures that all residents and stakeholders are well-communicated with throughout the delivery of their project.  


Our inclusive satisfaction strategy is a measure designed to accommodate the individual needs of residents. We consistently go the extra mile to create relationships where residents can feel open to discussion and learn more about our service.

Funding specific events and groups/sponsorship – Resident engagement events are a fantastic way of adding to a community spirit around the work which we do, and these can include coffee mornings, barbecues as well as educational elements to bring the community together.

Sharing our expertise and knowledge We believe that people coming together and undertaking meaningful activity in the true spirit of partnership working is a brilliant way to enable people to grow and flourish – for everyone involved.

Tackling the Impact of Loneliness and Isolation

To help tackle the impact loneliness and isolation can have on an individual’s health and happiness, we have implemented a volunteering initiative; ensuring residents are socially and digitally connected, have companionship, and have adequate support for their mental health. We introduce ideas that relieve residents from loneliness/isolation – for example, ‘buddying’ schemes where a new resident is partnered with an existing resident to introduce them to the scheme, other residents, activities etc, involving families and carers to ensure they have sufficient information to identify people who are or are at risk of loneliness and/or social isolation and to play a part in interventions; maximising sheltered housing communal rooms/facilities which provide an ideal venue or community hub for providing or hosting services and activities.

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