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Fire Rated Cladding Systems

Fire protection on the outside of a building is just as important as the inside of a building. It is important that buildings are constructed using a fire rated cladding system which has been fitted correctly so no voids are created.

It is important that the cladding should have fire breaks within the cladding at each floor level with fire rated partition walls to reflect the internal fire compartmentation.

If these passive fire protection elements are not installed correctly, the cladding will operate as a conductor for the fire – which will then cause the fire to spread out of control and up the façade of the building.

For those with high-rise properties, it’s vital to make sure the cladding is fire rated and that there are sufficient working passive and active fire prevention systems in place. If you have the right system in place you not only control and slow the spread of fire – but you also ensure the safety of those occupying the building.

Our Service

If you’re concerned about the cladding on your building or have concerns you’d like answers to, please feel free to chat to one of our consultants.

Our cladding service will include the following:

  • A surveyor who will come to take the cladding samples
  • Specified tools and equipment
  • Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) plus an International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) approved operator
  • Removal of Cladding – 2 samples from below and 2 samples above 18m to be sent for testing
  • Temporary patch repair from where samples were removed from
  • Having samples passed through a UKAS approved test house
  • Full fire combustibility test report based on the DCLG guidelines
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