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Fire Doors

Fire doors are a key component of passive fire protection. It’s critical that you regularly maintain and check your doors so they meet the fire regulatory standards.

Ventro’s flagship HealthCheck, coupled with our BM Trada accredited installation process, ensures that your doors comply.

What does the HealthCheck cover?

The main mission is to uncover and pinpoint any problems. The ‘Regulatory Reform Order 2005’ states that the ‘Responsible Person’ or the owner is ultimately responsible for the building(s) fire safety. Ventro’s technicians are trained to the FDIS standards and are there to support and advise you regarding fire door safety – as set out under BS 8214.

Ventro’s 52-point checklist will allow the technicians to check of your doors comply under the 2005 Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order standards.

Fire Door Specifications and Materials

The fired doors that are supplied by Ventro are fire tested and meet the rigorous fire safety testing – which is specified in BS 476-22.1987 or BS EN 1634-1:2014.

Our doors come in a variety of different glazes and finishes – including Oak, Flush, Cherry, Walnut and Ash. Fire doors are 45mm thick, compared to the standard door thickness of 35mm.


  • FD30 – Fire rated for up to 30 minutes. Suitable for domestic properties.
  • FD60 – Fire rated for up to 60 minutes. Suitable for public properties such as schools.
  • FD90 – Fire rated for up to 90 minutes.
  • FD120 – Fire rated for up to 120 minutes.


  • Our staff hold the FDIS Diploma
  • Projects procedures are audited independently by BM Trada
  • Bespoke Fire Door HealthCheck detailing the risk priority of every door
  • National network of locally based technicians
  • Maintenance contracts, including the Fire Door HealthCheck and minor repairs
  • Capability to manage one-off contracts, group contracts, and long-term contracts

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