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Ventro provides a full range of fire safety services, ensuring a cohesive approach to fire safety within your building. Our multi-skilled teams guarantee that no fire safety stone is left unturned, leaving our clients with complete peace of mind.

Fire Doors

We are experts when it comes to Fire Doors. They’re much more than just a door; they are an engineered life-saving device.

Fire Compartmentation

Fire Compartmentation is the strategy required to prevent the spread of fire by subdividing buildings into a number of compartments.

Fire Rated Cladding

Invasive Surveys, Design, and Installation of A1 Fire Rated Cladding Systems ensure that fire cannot spread to the external elevations of the building.

Fire Dampers

Fire Dampers are key in compartmentation and stop smoke & fire from spreading through internal ventilation systems. As well as a key role in the smoke control strategy for the building.

Smoke Ventilation

Smoke Ventilation is key to ensuring escape routes are clear from smoke for safe evacuation and potential incursion from the fire brigade.

Fire Alarms

A fire alarm system is at the heart of the building fire safety response providing early warning to

building occupants and controlling multiple other building services in the case of a fire.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting systems are critical for safe egress from the building in a fire situation. Building owners must ensure correct lux levels and signage are on each escape route to guarantee effective operation for 72hours in the event of a power failure.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are a life-saving device primarily used to assist in the escape from a building and, in specific situations to tackle initial small fires. We ensure correctly maintained equipment is always ready in the case of emergency.


Sprinkler systems can tackle fires at the seat of the fire before heat and smoke can build-up and threaten building occupants.

Ventro offers standard, missing, suppression

and deluge systems.

Dry and Wet Risers

Dry risers are installed in buildings usually over 18 metres where the fire brigade have restricted access to water. These systems should be maintained annually to ensure this water will deliver when needed.

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