Our 3 Step Approach

It has been designed to help guide you to compliance

At Ventro we like to make sure that we are with you 100% every step of the way which is where we developed our 3 Step Approach.

Step 1 is our very own Healthcheck, step 2 is the Installation of remedial work that needs doing, and the final step which is step 3 to help you with the Maintenance of any fire safety installations to make sure they are fit for purpose.

Using our expertise and knowledge, our 3 step approach will help to make sure we look after and maintain the services and products we provide to our customers making sure they stay within the law.

This approach is explained to you below.

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The first step on our 3 step approach process to improving the fire safety of your building.

The first step is the property Healthcheck. This will be carried out with our skilled and highly qualified assessors who will go through your building top to bottom, check every square foot of your building, any paperwork you have on the building, and any work you have had carried out since, to check very thoroughly on how safe your building is in regards to the fire safety law.

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This is the second step of our 3 step approach process to improving the fire safety of your building.

So you have had your Ventro Healthcheck, or you have been advised by another contractor of the products you need within your building in order to comply with fire safety law. Now you are at the stage where you need these products installed within your building.

This is what this step entails. All of the remedial work that has been advised to you will need installation before your building can get that fire safety seal of approval.

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So you have hit the final step of our 3 step approach process. Your Healthcheck has been carried out, followed by any installations.

Following on from any remedial work that has been carried out, we like to make sure the products our team has installed are maintained. Just like anything, everything needs to be maintained and made sure it is fit for purpose and is working correctly as it should.

Our team will have a list of what installations have been made. Everything will be thoroughly checked for quality, tested under conditions to make sure they are working correctly and replaced if needed.

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