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Since the expansion of Ventro, we have taken on three new surveyors within the last 6 months. This article will introduce our Ventro Surveyors so you can put a friendly face to the name.

Ventro has expanded rapidly in the last six months. Having been lucky enough to move into a larger business premises, we are able to accommodate our expansion by taking on new members of the team.

To meet the demand in work, the contracts team have delightfully welcomed several new members which included a second Project Management apprentice, and a team leader, Nicki, who will be the overseeing all the projects at Ventro. Jake, our first ever apprentice has successfully completed his apprenticeship with Skills Group in Plymouth and has now been employed as a full-time member of the team as Healthcheck Manager. You can read all about his apprenticeship in the next article.

Since March 2017, we have taken on three new Ventro surveyors. Our four Ventro surveyors are based nationwide which makes our customer service second to none by being able to meet our customers in person offering that extra value to our project management.

Meet our Surveyors

We would like you to formally meet our Ventro surveyors just so you can put a face to the name as no doubt you will meet one of them at some point in the future.

Our surveyors are highly trained and skilled in the jobs they do through undergoing regular training and development. Ventro highly regards themselves when it comes to making sure the team is up to date with the latest knowledge and products, making sure the information provided and work carried out, is done to the highest standard possible.

Gary Crutchley

Gary has been with us for over a year now has been able to see how the industry has changed in such a small space of time. Based up in Manchester, Gary has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the building and surveying industry.

Since leaving school in 1995, Gary started out in life working for his father’s construction business as a Carpenter and Joiner apprentice. In 2001, he started working as self-employed up until 2007, when he decided to take his experience in construction and working in the building industry to begin a career in property surveying.

The type of work Gary has carried out includes Insulation surveying, Solar Panel Surveying, External Wall Insulation Surveying and Stock Condition Surveying which eventually led him to work as a Fire Risk Assessor and Passive Fire Inspector. Gary has now been working for Ventro since August 2016 as a Passive Fire Inspector. Everyone who knows Gary will know that he is a friendly and approachable guy who always puts his 100% into the work he does.

Tell us, what is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?  I’m quite an adventurous person and a bit of a thrill seeker. I have crossed a notoriously dangerous knife edge ridge called ‘Crib Goch‘  in Snowdonia 3 times. I took a party of people including my daughter on a walk up Kinder Scout in the Peak District and got us all lost. We found our way back to the car 7 hours later. I wasn’t very popular that day.

Outside of work, Gary loves to be outdoors. He is a keen hiker and mountain biker and enjoys camping. Living in Manchester, Gary is never too far away from some fantastic countryside.

Rolf Tennent

Rolf has been with us for a couple of months now. With Rolfs vast experience in the industry, our Leicester based surveyor has provided some valuable insight helping us meet customer expectations. Rolf started out selling Architectural Ironmongery and door sets for six years which has provided him with a great understanding of doors and how they should operate. With his experience working in the passive fire industry, his training has provided added advantage by being able to spot if a door is meeting current fire safety regulations. Rolf later went on to selling rehabilitation equipment for eighteen months which involved surveying for ceiling hoist installations.

Rolf started to move in a slightly different direction for six years which led him to promote medical equipment and consumables to General Practitioner and Dental surgeries in the UK, with a further eighteen months within purchasing, logistics and operations for a wholesale importer. All of Rolfs working experience has provided him with the opportunity to educate and promote passive fire safety in a way that fits in with Ventro’s vision and goals.

Tell us, what is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you? I was taking a very early morning walk in the countryside when I came across a stag who was standing in the dew-filled grass. I always have my camera with me, so I came up with the crazy idea and decided to crawl up and get extra close to take a picture. I was a few meters away when it turned its head and looked straight at me. Luckily, I managed to get the photo I wanted and walk away unscathed. 

Aside from his daily duties of surveying and report writing, Rolf has a great eye when it comes to photography. He has the determination and creative sense to get that perfect shot, even if that means long nights and distances travelled Rolf, will go that much further to perfection. Food, cooking, socialising, fast cars, music, and cycling are some of his other passions in life.

Being based in Leicester, Rolf is in an idyllic location to spend days hiking, boating and exploring the beautiful Leicestershire countryside, especially when it means finding the odd local, good quality farm shop.

Mike Sheridan

Our next surveyor Mike has only been with us since September 2017 and has been a great asset to the growing team. An avid football supporter having come from the blue side of Manchester. For the past thirty years, Mike has run a Friday night Football Club for various ages, ranging from kids to the over 60’s. And the club is still going stronger than ever.

Tell us, what is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you? The craziest thing that has happened to me was being chased by a bull whilst crossing a field. I have never run so fast in my entire life!

For the last ten years, Mike has worked in various fields, from installing insulation in private housing, to working on social housing schemes. Progressing from small independent firms supplying and fitting insulation, to working for large corporations such as the British Gas where he gained a City & Guilds Certification in Domestic Energy and Green Deal Schemes.

Whilst working for the British Gas, Mike became an inspector who was responsible to check over the work of other companies, making sure things are as they should be.

Aside from his City & Guilds Certification, Mike has had various training in Health and Safety, as well as Asbestos and Customer Service. Before becoming a Passive Fire Surveyor, he was a fully trained motor mechanic. Mike is definitely the right guy to have around and is trained in more areas than one. Welcome to the team, Mike.

Brian Hagan

Moving over to the UK four years ago, our newest Ventro Surveyor is from Dublin and will be working predominately in North London. Brian grew up on the family farm playing Gaelic football. Even though his family are keen musicians, Brian has moved in a completely different direction towards the construction industry.

Tell us, what is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you? The craziest thing that has happened to me was leaving my home-grown roots in Ireland and taking that giant leap moving to the other side of the world. I was lucky enough that there were a lot of familiar faces during my travels which helped me to settle down quicker.

After Brian left secondary school, he enrolled in a degree in Construction & Building Surveying at Dundalk Institute of Technology. Brian is well travelled and has spent several months travelling around Australia where he worked for a Land Surveying company, Ausurv. The job entailed a lot of travelling around the region filling in small aircraft to large mines, as well as small indigenous aboriginal settlements to carry out topographical surveys. During this time, Brian travelled to South East Asia, eventually landing back in the UK.

Working for a property developer in Watford, Brian tried his hand at a bit of everything. Brian started a job working as an assistant demolition engineer with Keltbray where his first task was the demolition of a 22-storey tower near Bank, in the city of London called Angel Court. For the last four years, Brian has been working as a site engineer predominately in demolition but also a little in the construction of reinforced concrete frames. His favourite project was being a part of the demolition team to take down the historic arches of London Bridge train station.

Working for Ventro, Brian has re-entered the world of surveying and beginning an exciting new chapter with Ventro.

Interested in working for Ventro as a Surveyor?

Are you interested in working as a Surveyor for Ventro, or do you know someone who would fit the bill? We are always on the lookout for surveyors to join our growing team. So head to our website by following this link where you can apply.

For further information about our company, call us today on 0845 38 10 999, or email us at

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