Housing Sector

Ventro has a great deal of experience in the housing sector, supporting social/private landlords and local authorities in ensuring that residents are kept safe and buildings are maintained to the highest standards. Ventro provides an in-house resident liaison service to assist in a customer-centric delivery of a range of fire safety projects.

  • Overview – The largest sector that Ventro work with are registered providers of social housing and local authorities are in ensuring that residents are kept safe and buildings are maintained to the highest standards. We have a keen knowledge of the sector, understanding the complexities with Section 20 process and what VIP lists are.
  • Up-to-date – Keeping up-to-date with advice from central government and the MHCLG is a key part of this service, being aware of the latest direction in terms of legislation changes. To support the clients we partner with, we hold monthly sector-specific events, to provide the best up-to-date advice from third parties, having hosted the MHCLG and HSE amongst others, to ensure the latest guidance is shared with our clients as soon as its available.
  • Residents – Residents are at the at the core of our service, as much of the work we undertake is in their homes, and to this end, we have created our processes with the resident satisfaction at the forefront – we have a brilliant, in-house resident liaison service, multi-faceted to assist in a resident-centric focus in delivering fire safety projects. From resident engagement days and coffee mornings, to providing residents hampers of goodies at Christmas, Ventro have a keen understanding of how much happy and safe residents mean to the success of any works in occupied buildings.
  • Assisting in Providing Asset Data – As part of the ‘Golden Thread’ of information that is put forward in the Building Safety Bill, Ventro are keen to be at the forefront of ensuring collection and sharing of asset data, and have invested heavily in utilising the best technologies and systems to ensure this process is quick and efficient. We have built our own surveying applications to ensure that all the right information is captured, created our own portals to ensure sensitive data is encrypted and completely secured, set up projection tools for forecasting, included lifecycle analysis on data management cloud software and more, in our commitment to ensuring that our clients data is safe and that we are using the most efficient that technology can we can get.
  • Procurement – Ventro are on many different frameworks across the country, covering different localised geographies, different services, and different capabilities, to ensure that whatever service our clients are looking for, we have an appropriate framework partner to suit the requirements of the service you need.

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