Fire Dampers

Ventro provides a full range of fire safety services, ensuring a cohesive approach to fire safety within your building. Our multi-skilled teams guarantee that no fire safety stone is left unturned, leaving our clients with complete peace of mind.


Fire Dampers are key in compartmentation and stop smoke & fire from spreading through internal ventilation systems. As well as a key role in the smoke control strategy for the building.

Fire Dampers are a key component in compartmentation and stop smoke and fire from spreading through the internal ventilation systems. They also play a key role in the smoke control strategy for the building. Fire dampers are ducting fittings and are a key component in compartmentation. Used in conjunction with fire resistant walls in building, fire dampers are fitted to ducting vents where fire and smoke may breach compartmentation lines making the system ineffective. Stopping the spread of fire and smoke through to joining compartments largely increases the fire safety performance as it contains the fire within that compartment.

Fire Dampers tend to be open most, if not all of the time. It is vital to ensure that when required to, they close effectively and provide
a barrier to which fire cannot pass. Regular fire damper testing along with fire damper cleaning and maintenance is a legal requirement and
critical for building fire safety management. Ventro is one of the leading Fire Safety Specialists in the UK, undertaking third-party accredited Fire Safety works across the country.

Our Approach

Ventro’s unique approach adopts a 3-step cycle to establish that our clients are proactively tackling fire-safety by ensuring buildings are not only brought up to compliance but kept that way. The 3-Step Approach includes our detailed 5-yearly Healthchecks, Remedial and Installation Planned Programmes of Works, and ongoing Regulatory Routine Maintenance Contracts.


The Healthcheck is an extended survey of the buildings to diagnose the issues within a building. We recommend that a Healthcheck is carried out at the beginning of engagement with ourselves and subsequently re-visited every 5-years as an extended review of the building in conjunction with our maintenance contract; to ensure our clients are keeping ahead of the curve with the most up-to-date solutions in an ever-changing regulatory environment.


Ventro provides an end-to-end project management service for all fire safety and regeneration projects, including the project, technical, site, and resident liaison aspects, ensuring that any remedial works required are carried out seamlessly and in a hassle-free manner for the client. Inclusive of specification, design, waste removal, supply and installation to provide the full turn-key solution to your project.


Following diagnosis and remediation, it is key that ongoing maintenance of all fire safety systems is proactively and routinely kept up-to-date to guarantee compliance requirements are met and ensure the safety of building users and longevity of installations. These are complemented every 5 years by an extended Healthcheck as described above to ensure total peace of mind.

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