Ventro was born out of the idea to raise awareness and reduce risks.

What We Do


Ventro often exhibits at leading events, helping to educate and inform visitors as to fire safety


Ventro has positioned itself as a market leader with crucial industry and legislation updates

Breakfast Mornings

created to provide a platform where customers can share knowledge, debate important issues and drive business strategy and innovation

Why Breakfast Mornings?

Breakfast mornings have been found to be incredibly important to the success of UK businesses which is why we host these events across the UK.

The Food

The most important part! Breakfast normally consists of eggs, and bacon with the normal trimmings. Freshly ground coffee, tea and fresh orange juice is available as standard.

What Happens?

We often kick off with a few short speeches from each company – followed by an hour or so of networking with like-minded businesses.

What Benefit is it to my company?

Studies found that 85% of people find that breakfast increases their efficiency at work. It also provides an opportunity to win new business from companies and forge links with new suppliers.



NHMF Maintenance Conference 2019
Hilton Birmingham
London Breakfast Morning

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