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The Burning Question is a comprehensive webinar event specifically tailored to Universities and the wider Education Sector.

This webinar will look into the conflicting priorities within buildings in the sector, and how to take a balanced approach.

  • Cladding and the make-up of facades
  • Bringing fire safety in universities and the wider education sector up to standard post-covid
  • Fire Doors; accredited surveys, audits, and maintenance
  • Lack of fire safety knowledge amongst general tradespersons in your buildings?
  • How does the building safety bill affect university buildings above 18M?
  • Conflicting Priorities; Covid, Sustainability and Fire Safety

Using real life examples and case studies, this webinar will be looking into the importance of the correct specification, installation, and maintenance of all systems such as, compartmentation, fire doors, cladding, sprinkler and alarm systems.

Exclusively for the Education Sector, specifically for all relevant personnel assigned to the responsibility of Fire Safety in Universities and Schools.


With plenty of networking opportunity, and keynote speakers with years of experience in the industry, this event is definitely a must-attend.

Ventro has put together a targeted series of events running throughout the year covering all aspects of fire safety across every sector to work with, share, learn from and teach our conscientious clients and to continue to drive improving standards.

In addition Ventro’s technical team provides a number of on-site and virtual CPD events that can be tailored to our customers specific requirements and provide a unique consultancy approach to support in the delivery of fire safety programmes of work.

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