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Ventro was born out of the idea to raise awareness and reduce risks.

What We Do


Ventro often exhibits at leading events, helping to educate and inform visitors as to fire safety


Ventro has positioned itself as a market leader with crucial industry and legislation updates

Breakfast Mornings

created to provide a platform where customers can share knowledge, debate important issues and drive business strategy and innovation

The Importance of Passive Fire Protection Systems

• Ventro Services
• The role of Fire Doors
• Building operators’ legal obligations and how the law applies
• Poor fire compartmentation – could this be a ‘Risk to Life’?
• Can you really operate a stay put policy in your properties?
• Understanding Competence
• See real-life photos of typical fire compartmentation issues and how to fix them
• Passive Fire awareness videos
• Cladding update – how does this affect the fire rating of your property?
• Where to go from here
• Q & A’s

The Importance of Active Fire Protection Systems

• OmniZone Services
• Fire Sprinklers and the law
• Benefits of installing Fire Sprinklers in your property
• Points to consider when considering Fire Sprinklers
• Smoke and Heat Control Systems
• Sample Compartmentation Fluid Dynamics (CFD Analysis

The Food

The most important part! Breakfast normally consists of eggs, and bacon with the normal trimmings. Freshly ground coffee, tea and fresh orange juice is available as standard.

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