Environmental Impact

Ventro has a target to meet Net Zero emissions and are committed to supporting the wider community in reaching this sustainable future.

In line with our company Values, we are passionate about making a positive difference to the communities we work in through commitment to our Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.

We are actively making the Green Business Growth Pledge to reduce our environmental impact and demonstrably track and enhance our clean and green credentials.

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Recognising our role within wider society, all materials are sourced from branches local to the works in question where possible. This is whilst maintaining procurement and supply chain management to achieve value for money and ensure a quality service to our clients.

In addition, our procurement team promote free and fair supply chain opportunities for local small and medium-sized enterprises through Meet the Buyer events during mobilisation, ensuring sustainability objectives are reflected through our partnerships. With our supply chain network, we can be assured of fast lead-times so that we remain on track to works programmes. This is pre-planned through our Commercial and Procurement teams to ensure phased deliveries are built into the programmes yet made in bulk where possible to minimise disruption to sites.

Sustainable Transport & Fleet

We consistently take measures to reduce and naturalise our carbon footprint. A way in which we do this is through carbon avoidance, utilising our strategic partnership with remote video meetings and workshops we can reduce travel to site. As a company we have introduced car share schemes and cycle to work incentives to further eliminate carbon emissions. This approach, alongside logical and environmentally sensitive route-planning between sites by the Regional Project Manager (aided by local knowledge and knowledge and expertise), has enabled us to cut our CO2 emissions by 13% over the past two years. 

As part of reducing unnecessary emissions, we see it as key that our supply chain remains local and sustainable. Recognising our role within wider society, all our fixing and ancillary materials are sourced from local stores/branches or within the county where possible.

Waste Disposal Challenge

We are focused on significant waste reduction and have achieved a 9% decrease over the last year. Although fire alarm and emergency lighting materials are not made to be recyclable exactly, as a registered waste contractor obsolete equipment will be disposed locally and correctly according to the waste type.

Environmental Compliance

Recycling is a fundamental part of our Environmental Responsibility; we have continued to look at ways of reducing the environmental impact of our activities through minimising waste management. Our commitment to environmental change is backed up by the performance statistics provided through our waste management scheme where we saw that 94% of our onsite waste was recycled during the year of 2019 exceeding our target of 90%.

At Ventro we closely monitor waste management and explore further green options including discussing and reporting on our deliverables as an agenda item at monthly progress/review meetings in view of continuously improving our environmentally friendly practices.

Employee engagement and environmental responsibility

As a baseline and as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental agendas as key to contributing towards a sustainable future, we understand the need for urgent action and have the below already in place that will minimise our local impact on our projects.

  • All project staff are made aware, trained and educated in climate change and carbon-literate and how our everyday personal and business decisions are generating CO2 and affecting the world right now, engaging and embedding low-carbon, green thinking.
  • All our fire alarm and emergency lighting suppliers are selected and vetted by our procurement team through promoting carbon footprint measures in our procurement documents and contracts, including asking them to demonstrate their sustainable approach and monitoring this ongoing on a monthly basis
  • Technicians’ vehicles checked for suitable emission levels (all low-emission models)
  • Technicians trained in efficient driving (keeping to specific manufacturer-recommended fuel-efficient speeds for town and motorway driving) and maintenance (e.g. tyre pressure levels) which has reduced their average fuel consumption by 20% from 2 years ago.


We recognise that elaborate packaging costs money and is often wasteful and so will be using sustainable simplified packaging for all door sets. 

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