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Ventro is one of the leading Fire Safety Specialists in the UK, based in Plymouth. Undertaking third party accredited Fire Safety works across the country, working specifically with Registered Providers of social housing. Ventro have been applauded in the sector as an organisation leading improvements in the Fire Safety arena, attending Westminster debates on best practises, providing advice to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government on current issues and requirements within the sector, and being involved in cross-party discussions on fire safety, in view of improving resident safety across the country.

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Ventro’s story started before our incorporation in 2013, with our founding directors noticing the growing demand in the sector for conscientious, third party accredited organisations, who could survey and install fire safety products correctly, and provide the required chain of certification for a compliant installation. It appeared that there was a historical lack of basic awareness and understanding in the construction sector for Fire Safety, not helped by the market pressures caused by the Global Financial Crisis in 2007/8, and a current need for organisations that could be relied upon to understand the importance of getting Fire Safety right. Further to this, the Lakanal House Fire in July 2009 cemented this resolve to begin assisting landlords with improving building safety, and over the next few years, we started undertaking surveys and fire safety remedial works for building owners, of which demand grew at a massive rate, leading to Ventro’s incorporation as a limited company in 2013.


At the Grenfell Tragedy in 2017, Ventro responded with a renewed vigour to enhance building safety, getting involved in promoting At our 5 year anniversary in 2018, Ventro had grown more than 350% since incorporation, and have grown rapidly ever since, becoming one of the leading voices in the sector, and across the UK. Over the last few years, Ventro’s events, held monthly, have been honoured to host regulators, legislative advisors, and other leading voices, including the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, the Health and Safety Executive, Working Group 8, the Building Safety Alliance, and Building a Safer Future Charter, and many others. Ventro are a keen advocate for sharing and promoting knowledge within the sector, and have held several events focussing on the new Building Safety Bill, which has been highly praised by Building Safety Managers and others in attendance.

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